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the sweet, the bitter & the tough


why emotions

Emotions can master our minds, take over our lives, and destroy our future. It is up to you to learn and grow in order to navigate through the wild and beautiful sea of life.

be ready to master

your emotions

The emotions are human makeup that stems from natural inborn sources, while as the emotions grow (birth – child – adult) the emotions learn, believe, misconceive, disbelieve, teach, lie, deceive, etc. The emotions are powerful since it stems from the hearts learning as well, which the heart is deceptive. This is where fact-finding comes into play since if you do not have facts you will lack confidence, self-esteem, self-assurance, self-trust, self-respect, and all those other words that make a human being whole.

New challenge - audio book

The power of audio-books

We have launched a Kickstarter campaign to create the Audio version of the Emotions Book! If you decide to help, you will have your name printed in the thank you page of the first edition + the audiobook to enjoy the reading everywhere…

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